Why C&H Realty is Unique - Our Team's Expertise

With a combined 50+ years of real estate, investment and marketing experience, the C&H team is uniquely qualified to provide you with the professional tools and advice needed in our community’s fast-paced housing market.

  • C&H is a boutique brokerage firm focused on Hillsborough, Burlingame and San Mateo.
  • Catherine and Hope have blended together their professional backgrounds in real estate, law and investment management to create a distinguished and unique advisory team.
  • C&H is committed to providing their clients with a personal and extraordinary experience by selectively focusing on only a few transactions at a time to create a professional/client “team” approach.
  • The C&H team offers superior marketing strategy, coupled with an in-depth understanding of Internet marketing and viral word-of-mouth.  We bring Silicon Valley innovation to the business of buying and selling homes.
  • C&H takes a very data-driven/analytical approach to buying and selling homes.  We will provide our clients with the information, knowledge and analytics to make informed decisions.
  • Catherine and Hope are long term residents of the area and highly active members of the communities they serve.  They are active in local school boards, community/school fundraising and local sports leagues and have five children in the public school system.  They are constantly engaged in networking and developing relationships with local residents. 

Catherine Lee and Hope Pilch